Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i won't even pretend for a moment that i forgot about this thing. i will, however tell you what the hell ive been up to.

after my rather sudden drop off the face of the planet a while back, i did some thinking. things were nice for a while and i could let my mind actually stretch and do its little routine of taking things a bit too far. yeah i had a bit of weirdness that i posted, but that was during my whole "wtf is wrong with my mind am i being followed why should i care" phase.... might say more on that later.

anyway, i came to the conclusion of slendy not actually following me at all. how did i do that? well im glad you asked. none of it happened.

that's right. it was all in my head. i wanted to believe it so therefore i did. and you know what, it was a massive relief to me. i could smile again with genuine bliss. sure now i realize that i was CRAZY but that's a small price to pay for freedom, dont you think?

so yeah, i graduated yesterday from high school and i am quite proud of myself... today i looked at my email and saw a message from this site. and i debated for a bit if i should come back or not. as you can see, i did.

i don't know why im back, i mean i was only crazy and thusly have nothing to contribute here anymore. maybe it has to do with the whole "im still attached to you guys" deal, but i doubt it; all of my so-called friendships were forged in a state of hysteria.

i dont mean to put you guys down... i still believe a few of you are being followed by that thing, but i know now that it could probably just be more insanity or something... i dunno...

now then... i think im gonna get all caught up on all of your crazy things.


  1. You've got a lot to get caught up on.

  2. ive noticed.

    willing to lend a hand in that department? im kinda... at a loss for where to start

  3. I'm not exactly sure where to start either. My summarizing abilities fade out after a few weeks...let's see. Zero's back and has successfully killed around six Runners and one Proxy, there's an AI, and the PTC made a copy of it, Robert has a branch of the Bleeding Tree, and...there's three new Sages. Frap's dead, Slice is dead, Ali is dead, Darby isn't dead, Will is dead, Jekyll is dead, Cairo's going a bit insane...that should be a good enough footing to begin with, I think.

  4. ... Well, I was catching up in the hopes of commiserating with a fellow Texan. Instead, I'll say congratulations for your newfound sanity.