Sunday, January 30, 2011

short and to the point

Last night, if you read the end of my blog, you saw me flip shit.

Proxy was at my window, tapping. I looked out and saw her (yes it was a her this time). i come back, type that last bit and storm out of my room. i grab a nice weapon from my closet: the wooden pole that holds up all my hangars. i burst out of the house and chase her down (she started to run). I eventually catch her and hit her in the back of the head. She goes down and pulls out what i saw at the time as a gun. it was.. but it was a tazer, not a real gun. She shoots the thing at me and i stagger back. She pulls out a switchblade (which is illegal to own btw) and stabs me. it hurt. a lot. still does. She doesnt kill me then and there though... she starts to run again. apparently, i must be some sort of super human or something cuz i get up after being tazed and stabbed, pull out the blade and get my wood pole. i chase her down again and stab her in the back. i then beat the shit out of her with the pole.

i didnt aim for the head, out of fear of killing her... but still.. i made her scared and let her run off. i sealed up my wound and am hiding it from my parents. didnt help that i had to go to church too...


Saturday, January 29, 2011

today was BULLSHIT

no i didnt see him, but if i did, i would FUCKING KICK HIM IN HIS BALLS.

spent the night a friends house yesterday, had a nice time jamming for a while. felt normal the entire time. even with my now irrational fear of the dark, i slept pretty well.

next day another friend comes over, we have breakfast and what not. later that day we go pick someone else up.

and you know what i was planning with them?


so yeah, we went exploring in the forest. not very thick stuff round where i live... but hey, i didnt see him, so it was all good. got some video on my camera, a few pics, still havent looked through it all (same... with whatever was on the camera when i found it the other day...)...

we went out there, armed with these awesome pvc pipes wrapped in foam and electrical tape; aka practice swords that hurt like a bitch.

well long story short we ended up just fighting eachother with them once we got out of the woods. i walk away for TWO SECONDS to get my shit from where i dropped it, and they manage to break one of my swords. it pissed me off.... a lot... but i had to keep my cool somehow so i went on the lookout for Slenderfuck.

didnt see him, but i KNEW he was out there. i could practically HEAR him laughing at my rage. i walked back to my friends and said these exact words:

"i swear to god... if he fucking.... if i fucking see that fucker.. i am going to fucking punch him in the fucking face."

oh... they actually understood who i was talking about too... made the mistake of introducing them to it (before all this shit happened)... luckily, they dont believe it a bit.... so that should make them safe.....

anyway... i calmed down eventually and got home. read some stuff bout you guys and now im eating ice cream. i feel... pretty normal actually, despite the absolute RAGE i felt earlier...

thats something about me that hardly anyone knows... i have a knack for... raging harder than anyone i know... i never show it to people, but its there, right underneath me...

its built up a lot since all this started...


Friday, January 28, 2011


well my last one failed (finding out what was under that suit of his) so i have a new one:

If Slendy is made of plant cells, like so many have speculated/tested to be true, then maybe we should find a way to dehydrate him. Of course, this requires a way to find out how he draws water from his environment (if he does) and i, quite frankly, do not have the means to experiment with this. so if someone else has the ability and know how, i would REALLY like to see some data on this. :D please and thank you.

anyway, off to school now. weekend starts today. gonna hang with some friends. will post later about.............. yeah ill tell ya later so you dont freak out or anything.

STAY SANE, Stay Alive

Thursday, January 27, 2011


As you may have read, i was moved back home unwillingly and i went to school, even more unwillingly.

Ava has told me (like.. just now) "School is a safe place, many people, he can't get you there. "

all i can say there is BULL. SHIT.

heres why:

i arrive at school. its a nice day. not too cold. go in the cafeteria and hang with some friends, dodging most of their questions. first few periods go by without a hitch.

then i go to the bathroom in third period. after finishing my business, i turn around and see the operator symbol on the back of the stall door. i ran my ass out of there. (and yes i didnt wash my hands. i was too afraid to care)

nothing else really happens.

lunch: me and a friend go to a nice little asian food place. we get our food, eat, and start to head out. on our way back to school (we walk) i looked down a street and saw tall dark and slender staring at me... or..... "staring"

i try not to freak out as we walk past the bastard but then i cant contain myself. why? because my fucking CAMERA is sitting on a fucking OPERATOR SYMBOL in the middle of the fucking SIDEWALK.

i stare at it for a few seconds then pick it up. i still havent gone through the pictures... im too afraid. but i will later...

so the rest of the day passes, i see a few more operator symbols and what not. but beyond that? nothing else. till the passing period of 6-7 periods. i only have 6 periods so i went to go get a ride from a friend. when i start toward our usual meet up place, i get a call from him saying that he cant take me home cuz of choir shit. i instead go to a computer lab and sit at my usual compy, checking the random blogs (cant comment though, seeing how i cant log in at school for stupid reasons). while im sitting there, someone else comes in and sits next to me. he/she (im thinking it was a girl though so i will refer to her as such) was hiding her face from me and slid me a note. she then quickly got up and walked away. didnt get to check if she was a guy or a girl (i do this by looking at the pants. its a very good way of differentiating) because i was staring at the note. it had a shit ton of random things on it, most of it indiscernible. but i did manage to pick out the phrases "he knows you", "you arent safe", and "eyes everywhere"

i got a feeling that my school is filled with proxies. what do you think?

so, alas, i must go brave those photos... wish me luck...

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Im back

Some of you may have noticed that i was missing for a while. Well thats due to being without access to any wifi for a while. but now i have the best wifi ive seen in my life. where is it? well... ill get to that later. Here is what you missed:


didnt have time for like... anything. just kept moving. ran into a fellow runner. he didnt like my laptop. eventually sat him down and taught him it was a good thing. i... actually had a good time for a change; we watched some funny as hell videos and had laughed up a storm. i felt so good. but then he just up and left. no real reason, he just did.


once i settled in a little place for some wifi, i noticed that the runner guy was following me. spotted him across the street. didnt think anything of it. until that night... didnt really say anything about what happened in my comments, seeing how i didnt want anyone to really know, but now it really doesnt matter. he followed me to where i was going to sleep and when he THOUGHT i was actually in the wonderful land of dreams, he tried to steal my shit. i woke up (not that i was really sleeping) and we fought for a while before i set him running. how? by picking up a pipe that i had brought to my makeshift bed of course! maybe the confident stance i took with my weapon scared him away... probably...


in the morning i woke up stretched, and was immediately attacked by two proxies. luckily, i still had that pipe. and well... i didnt stop to check after the skirmish was over, but i dont think i killed them... course they gave some big ass cuts all over with their damn knives. i set to running. dont much remember what happened (been checking around if i commented anywhere, but i havent seen anything yet) but at one point where it was almost sunset, i remember something quite clearly: me doing the ballsiest thing ive ever done in my life. i was attacked AGAIN by proxies. i swear to GOD these guys are annoying. Where does Slendy get these guys? Thugs-R-Us? whatever, they werent anything special. there were four of them and they were all built like me: thin, quick, but weak. luckily, none of them had any skill/luck with fighting me (kinda hard to fight off someone with your fists if you A) cant fist fight B) your opponent has a four foot pipe in their hands and C) your opponent actually knows how to use a sword (in this case the pipe is essentially a sword)) they did manage to rough me up a bit, but due to lack of weapons, they were unable to incap me. then guess who shows up? thats right! Slendy himself. i cant really remember what i did, but i think it was just stare at him for a while before straightening up, laughing (yes i laughed at cthulhu), and saying the ballsiest thing ive ever said to anyone ever: i looked him straight in the... lack of face and said "You need to spawn more overlords". i shit you not. i dont know what came over me really, it just kinda... spilled outta me. then i did something BALLSIER. i walked up to him and looked up at his empty face, smiling. then i tried to perform my own experiment:

what is under that suit?

apparently he doesnt like when people try to remove his suit because he immediately knocked me backward and i lost consciousness.

which brings us to today:

i woke up in a soft bed. there was a small heater on in the corner. an entertainment system was to my left, a drum kit to my right. a warm brown blanket was wrapped around me and i felt fantastic. upon a swift inspection of my body i found that i had bandages on the wounds i had gained.

then it hit me. that Air Expo: Moffet Field 2001 poster, that duct-taped hoodie on the never used bunk bed the creepy as sculptures of heads that were perched up on the entertainment system.

i was home.


i got out of bed, freaking out. i ran out of the room, freaking out. i saw my parents, freaking out.

we were all freaking out. i stared at them, they stared back. then all the: "where have you been? why did you run? im so glad to have you back. we missed you" stuff happened. it was a very tender moment. i was honestly surprised they were alive.

anyway. yeah. i was taken back home and now i am on almost 24 hour watch. they dont trust me very much right now... but hey i dont either.

me and my sister had a tough talk though. she too was starting to get into the Slenderman stuff when i ran. i didnt tell her what happened or anything like that and i tried my damned hardest to make sure she didnt believe in it. told her it was all a hoax, making jokes all that stuff. i think... she might not believe he exists now.

but im not sure how long i can keep them in the dark............................. damn............

no one knows about this. i go back to school tomorrow (will be under heavy surveillance (from both teachers and probably Slendy too))

as much as i am freaking out, i must say... its rather nice to be home..................... even after all the horrendous shit that went down.

doubt i will stay around here for much longer though.. i will probably just run again...

and they did question my wounds... i told them i fell down into a river bed and got cut up pretty bad. they took me to a doctor and got me checked out.....

they know now that i was in a fight, but i have refused to tell them about it..... at all... ever.

anyway im so sorry that i havent been able to talk at all.... but im back now and i will be able to get some normality back...

but, again, i doubt it will last long.

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

Saturday, January 22, 2011


im shaking uncontrollably....

ill finish this post when i can type


ok... i think i can do this now...

today was gonna be a day of just relaxing and not running so much. i probably moved maybe... what? half a mile? not much compared to yesterday.

And then... well i was being really paranoid, so i whipped out my camera and started recording shit around me...

i didnt see Him so i thought i was safe.

I wasnt.

this total nut job was standing in a nearby house just staring at me. he had all these weird as hell markings on his face that looked like they were done with a sharpie by a nine year old with serious mental issues.

he was just staring at me. course, i would probably stare too if i saw someone sitting outside of someone's house sapping the wi-fi. but that isnt the weird part.

he came up to me and started talking, his voice was scratchy as hell. i could barely make out what he was saying, cuz he was talking so fast. said something about a flood and how "we are coming for you" and all that shit which matches up with all those comments he left for you people (sorry about that, btw i deleted them where i saw them. apparently he wants me to watch some blogs seeing how im following like three new ones)

i told him to fuck off and started to pack my shit. he saw the operator symbol on my bag and started screeching. like legitly screeching; high pitch, annoying, ear bursting. i yelled at him to go away and then he attacked me.

i barely escaped. he landed a shit ton of punches and kicks on me, and seeing how i fucking suck at fighting without something that resembles a sword, i could only run from him. he chased for a while, moving slightly faster than me.

i rounded a corner and stole a look backwards, he wasnt there, and neither was my shit. but i didnt care, i had to keep moving. i ran until i couldnt anymore and rested in what looked like an old barn. i was breathing heavily and finally found rest.

i woke up a while later. guess who was lurking around where i was? you guessed it! psycho killer!!!

well this time i had the advantage. he hadnt seen me so i grabbed a shovel that was nearby (kudos to farmers who leave their tools around). i ran up to him and was gonna hit him when he turned around and parried my attack with his arm.

we struggled against eachother for a bit and then i found myself choking him and i wouldnt let go and he was gasping and

fuck man

im shaking again

will continue to edit later


gonna finish this...

i dont know a light way to put this...

but i took a person's life today.

shit... just remembering it....

no. i cant think of it. i cant. i wont. it never happened...

but..his eyes... those horrid eyes... why did he stare at me when i was.......

damn it... i know that he was likely a proxy and i know that i shouldnt feel bad and i know i did it for survival and i know that i am just a blithering moron....


have to find something to laugh at in all this... (taking a rule from Sandra here)

at least... he brought me my stuff? thats not funny... but it was nice...

even if my camera is now gone... damn... that dick mustve done something with it... i didnt get to upload anything... well i still have my laptop so its all good.

on a different note i feel now is a good time to list the things i love and the things i fear  must conquer:

light, gentle rain

I must conquer:
the dark
closed doors
open doors (yes Ava, i fear them too, though not to your extreme)
being completely lost

one last thing: things i must do before i die:
find true love (sounds cheesy and unobtainable for me right now, but i can hope right?)
raise a child (see above)
make this all stop

there are somethings i WANT (not need) to do before i die, but now is not the time to talk about those.

now is the time for calming the fuck down.


Stay Sane, Stay Alive

















Friday, January 21, 2011

a little clarification

ok, i know this whole blog seems like a flurry of improbable events that all stem from being an attention whore.

And you know what? who cares what it is like. im not doing this for shits and giggles, or even for freaking the shit outta you.

im doing this a gauge of my sanity.

by keeping you updated and by updating myself on the goings ons of others, i keep my sanity.

speaking of sanity, i caught a glimpse of him earlier. at least... i think it was him... im not too sure... my neck hurts like a bitch... and WHY ITUNES?! i was trying to relax with this music, AND YOU PLAY FUCKING TREEFINGERS?! like im not already paranoid enough...

god damn it... im deleting that song...

Last thoughts: think i made a new friend... Ava, fight the good fight. Stay Sane.


Stay Sane, Stay Alive

On the road

Last night...

was hell...

I gathered my stuff up and (despite what i said) left my sister a note. it said "I love you. I will be back. Stay Sane, Stay Alive." It was so hard to even put those words down on paper.

and then i stepped out the door. He was staring right there, not even a yard away.

I ran past him, but something hit me. I kept running and didn't stop until i was at the main road, even then i only slowed to look back. He wasn't there anymore. I kept moving, swiftly, but i couldnt run anymore. I ended up making it to my friend's house. I was about to knock on the door when i realized that He would probably bring hell to them if i did. So i slept on their roof. THAT was adventure. it had to be like... 20 degrees out. i dont have any blankets or anything like that.

when i woke up, i got down quickly and made my way toward a strip mall. I stocked up on some ready to eat food, paying with what money i had available. I bet i will have to steal eventually...

Why was it so easy to leave? I mean it wasnt a cake walk, but i expected myself to feel a little bit more... i dunno.. maybe some stronger emotion? but i just up and left.

anyway, im sitting in a starbucks right now, eating some chips. It feels safe here, but i know it isnt.

Put the operator symbol on my bag to be safer. im gonna draw it on my jacket too.

I think i will upload a pic soon. not now though.... leaving soon.

oh... the thing that hit me; apparently it was bladed or something, because when i got to my friend's roof, i felt the wound (it was at the base of my neck). i felt blood. Luckily it wasnt too deep.

final thoughts: i miss my family. I know im not too far from them, but the thought of going even farther....

well to say the least, it hurts.

feeling naucious, and im leaving now.

Till next time guys:

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Thank you M.

I am going to move now. Don't know where I'm going. I just need to get the hell out of here.

It hurts like fucking HELL to leave my family, but I can't let them get hurt. I am not leaving a note or anything. I hope they don't come looking for me, it will only hurt more.

So yeah, i am travelling light; laptop, camera, sketchbook, accessories for all. I will try my damned hardest to get pictures for you people, if at all possible.

Anyway: this is NOOC, signing off.

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just when i thought i could be safe.

Well, im not gonna beat around the bush or anything.

I saw Him tonight.

scared the fucking shit out of me.

I made the mistake of telling a couple of people, but i am now denying it to them. i dont want to make him follow them too.

i have to keep it a secret.

a secret i can only share with the corporate anonymous.

He was just standing off the side of the road on my way home from a fellowship time at church.

drew a couple things there. havent really looked at them though. not in depth. just quick scribbles and all that shit. ill put it under review tonight, along with the few photos i took. made a couple of videos that i plan to watch as well.

i didnt get a picture of him because my camera died like... a minute before i saw him and the camera on my phone is shit quality. besides, i wouldnt have had a fast enough reaction time to whip it out to do anything anyway.

seeing how i have nothing else to occupy my mind at the moment, i will end this here.

-No One Of Consequence

need answers soon.

The beginning, and hopefully the end.

I only came to this site for one reason; to follow "The Tutorial"

Why? so that i can survive.

I know for a fact that I am not being followed. But tis better to be safe than sorry, right?

I doubt i will update often, but when i do, i promise not to put fluff on here. If something important happens, I will say so here.

Now, a little about myself:

I am No One Of Consequence. That is all you need to know about that.

Paranoia has taken me hostage. Not some strange entity name Paranoia, but the actually state of being. Most people say that if you think you are paranoid, you aren't. I don't believe this, seeing how most of those people are idiots anyway. I think i may be more sane than them, but then again, who can tell?

My greatest fear is being realized right now: losing myself to something i have no control over.

Recently i have been put on edge by the whole Slenderman Mythos, and now i am on the verge of hysterics.

Like i said earlier, i don't think i am being followed, but a part of me wants to be followed. Don't ask why though, i will say why when i am ready (and when i understand it myself).

The reason i am so afraid of this whole Mythos is because i am a creature of understanding, i seek and strive to understand the world around me. When something new and strange is added to my world of perfect balance and order, i lose it. This has happened before. Imagined myself a girlfriend once, just to get myself through a tough spot in my life.

I am losing sleep over all of this.

I wear a social mask of calmness and bravery. But underneath i am a hypocritical bastard who fears his own shadow.

Now then, more to come later. In the mean time, i am off to investigate the odd noises in my house. Sounds like the fridge is getting new ice or something. But i never heard that noise repeat so many times.

Also: Hang in there M. you have to do so, for us.