Thursday, March 24, 2011



yup thats right, kiddos. Old man NOOC is having a paranoia attack.

who the hell is still even looking around anymore?

i mean seriously, why has everyone gone... quiet....

anyway, what happened at the park:


i brought my book and a bag full of... defenses... and NOTHING HAPPENS. i now know why kaiju didnt show, but seriously? no proxies popped up to say hello? slendy didn't even drop by to tell me im fucked?

were all these warning signs for nothing? i even being followed?... going to go poke the sleeping bear now...

Friday, March 18, 2011

...all alone...

where the fuck are my parents? ITS 12:30 AM AND THEY AREN'T HOME.




and on the day im supposed to meet kaiju too...

this is no coincidence...

something bad is happening... i just know it...

will update later when i calm down from my short mental breakdown...


alright, everyone is home now.

still... odd that they got home at 1 AM...

and then my dad HAD to point out the fact that tonight is when the moon is closest to the earth AND that it is a full moon.

hooray... full super moon (as he called it)

when we went out side to look at it, there was a VERY definite ring of clouds around it... too dark to take a picture of it though... but it looked like a giant fucking eye.

call me superstitious, but there is no way that can be a good omen...

im having second thoughts about meeting with kaiju now... but i have to go through with it... but i will be VERY cautious... probably to a faulty degree... *sigh*

anyway, im gonna try to calm my nerves and then sleep


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That there video

Here is the video. Not much going on really. that distortion got buffed out for the most part when i uploaded to youtube. the feminine voice is still in there... but the negative screen isnt... anyway...

im going to bed... doing something exceedingly normal tomorrow: dentist appointment. havent had one since a long time ago.

Friday, March 11, 2011

i see the fan, now where's the shit

im nearly in tears about how bad this looks...

just today, i was walking my dog and on the last leg of it, i looked at the sky cuz it was so gorgeous. i looked higher still and saw more gorgeousness.

then i saw the operator symbol.

the fucking CLOUDS were a giant fucking operator symbol.

i shat my pants and ran my ass back to my house.

also, tried to take video of the entire cloud formation, but the wind had disturbed it too much, so i couldnt get the entire thing in it's complete form.

but it was there, and i am scared out of my fucking mind.

what the HELL is going to happen here?

Here is said vid:

ok... maybe not... for some reason, i cant upload the video... but i will continue to try to do so.... i looked at it again... while there is only No One in the vid (along with my dogs) there is also a single, strange distortion. randomly as i am talking, the whole screen goes negative and i can hear a voice, saying something that i cant understand. sounded female, but i dont know... ill look into it and report my findings...

my try to upload to youtube next...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

new blog

yeah i  gots a new one. for bitching and moaning.

so if you are interesting in me bitching and moaning, go there.

Friday, March 4, 2011

a few things

alrighty then. its been a while since i last updated... and a few things have happened...

i am in a terrible mood, so im just gonna list them and get it over with.

1) recently started hearing stuff in the attic. am too afraid to look.

2)woke up the other day and had writing all over my arms. said "no escape, no life. sees me us." all the o's had x's through them and me was x'd out. other wrist just had the operator symbol on it.

3)jamming at a friends house today. twas fun. till some guy was standing outside in a red shirt, staring in at us. according to my friend, he was rocking out to the song we were playing, along with his girlfriend. i dont think for a second that they were just passers-by that stopped for the pretty music. they were watching me. i know it.

anyway. too tired to do anything else or go into detail.. might read a few blogs... but then im gonna sleep and hope i dont wake up to find im dead...