Friday, October 12, 2012

Bluh bluh

Alright, so the whole record my thoughts thing isn't going very well. Can't get my hands on a camera for a number of reasons, among them money and personal motivation. Sorry Dr. Traner, but I can't really bring myself to do it. I'll be happy to post stuff here, but the thought of recording myself and posting the video for the world to see is just... a bit disturbing to me. That and it plays into various facets of the thing that actually made me need you in the first place. (i.e. vlogging leads to haunting)

So what has been going on over here in NOOCtown?

Not a whole lot, to be perfectly honest.

Been getting gradually more and more fed up with various things, like people and their nonsensical demands that they aren't even really aware they are making.

Stress building over something with a time limit (read as "I need a certain amount of money to buy myself the birthday present I want, but I don't know if I can get it before the thing goes away forever").

I've been getting a lot of headaches lately. I think it's the stress from people's demands and the money thing just getting to me. That and my lack of sleep. But then again, if it wasn't for my mild insomnia, then I don't think I'd ever actually get around to updating this damn blog. So I guess thanks brain for making it impossible for me to sleep when I really want to. I mean, the headaches aren't bad really. I can just pop a couple ibuprofen and they go away. It's basically become a daily ritual. Some time from around 5 to 6 PM I can feel it build, and then by 8 or 9 I pop a couple pills to make it go away. Sometimes It's later than that though, like 12 to 1.

You know, I don't really know why I bother updating this thing anymore. Seriously, no one is around... and if some of the old blogs I followed are to be believed, most of my friends are dead in one way or another. I could just as easily just write this kind of stuff down in a journal that I bring to my sessions.

I dunno, maybe its therapeutic or something just putting words out there in a way I'm comfortable and familiar with. Nothing against you Dr. Traner. I'm just a creature of the internet, and this is what we do; ramble on about things that no one cares about in places no one will ever see.


I'm gonna try to sleep again. That seems like a good idea.

I'll probably just disappear again for a week or so.

We'll see...



  1. Hey NOOC I'd like to say I'm here for you bro keep posting good or bad I will stick with ya.
    Oh and happy belated birthday bro I know it's late but I stumbled upon your blog 3 days ago and I kinda don't see why people veer away from it.
    Maybe we could talk sometime(through the blog I mean)

    1. Woah... woahwoahheywoah... people are still alive on blogspot?!

      That's uh... that's something I wasn't expecting.

      I thought everyone got killed off one way or another.

      Well, seeing as you're the only guy who has popped up to show interest, I guess I can explain a few things to you:

      For starters, I won't be uploading any videos whatsoever. Dr. Traner and I have settled on a much more personal, much more secretive form of getting everything out there (read as "keeping a small journal and writing when I feel like it and then showing it to him").

      I've kinda been ignoring the existence of this place for that reason and the fact that I just don't feel like I'm being haunted/followed/slenderstalked anymore. It honestly feels like it's finally over.

      I mean there have been one or two things, like mishearing something someone said at work and the occasional paranoid fits as I'm walking home, but nothing too big.

      So, I guess thanks for checking this out, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. No prob bro glad to hear you where able to escape the hell me and my friends call slender man. I wish you the best of luck with your doc and hope you get the rest of your issues panned out. If you ever need to talk hit me up on my blog or just post a comment back up here I will be checking in from time to time to see if you post anything interesting. Until then your newfound friend

  3. Don't worry. Snows not the only one who's got your back. I'm part of the group he's in, or the group he used to be in. Until he left. I need to ask you one question, answer to the best of your knowledge. Do you know who Fear is? - Aeon

  4. Aeon no dont do this please after what he's been through dont bring this into him. Matt don't listen to him it's for your own good. Aeon I know you want to help but after all of his shit I really wish the best for his recovery. He's almost done with it too so please don't bring fear into this.

  5. Fear won't do anything to him. You don't know Fear. All I needed was informatuon. You never know who might know about him too. I'm trying to help Prophet, but its been difficult getting information. He isn't very well known on the web. I can only count on personal experiences from anyone I can find who's involved.

  6. He doesn't have to worry about Fear. I just asked a question.

  7. I don't know much about Matt other than he lives here in tx with us has had mass paranoia and for a short while slender stalked. I know for Shute he isn't involved with fear ok. Oh and I think Matt isn't being stalked anymore because He has a list. Around the same time we started getting followed was around the same time he stopped getting followed.

    Now about the list...there are certain people he finds as a threat so he puts them on the list. Maybe we took your spot Matt or mabe because you had the balls to do shit others wouldn't I salute you for finding a way out.

  8. ...You know, maybe this whole "share your feelings on the internet" thing is a bad idea. I leave for a day and come back to find a couple of people all but yelling at each other on my blog.

    -MY- blog.

    First off, no I don't know who "Fear" is. Or "Prophet" Or really either of you.

    Second, I would take it as a kindness if you would calm your ass down Snow. I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself. I don't need a white knight to protect me from the big, mean man asking me a question. OH NO HOW DARE HE BE INQUISITIVE. You guys should know better than anyone that questioning things can be better than NOT questioning things. Take for example my life last year. I questioned, I got an answer, and I'm better off for it.

    Third, if you guys wanna bitch at each other, fine. Just don't do it here. Need I state again that this is -MY- blog? This isn't your personal stomping grounds to wank about things I don't know about, or even care about.

    Fourth, I'm not even sure I was ever actually stalked, Snow. Have you read my blog at all? The whole reason I'm in therapy is because of that fact.

    Fifth, I appreciate the concern for my well-being, but don't call yourself a friend yet, friend. I'm watching you and your pals. Until you can prove yourselves trustworthy, I will not be trusting you. Simple as that.

    Finally, I prefer Matthew, if you have to use my real name. Alternatively, say NOOC or Kfrunt.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. well ok then Matthew i wil work on your trust. i'm personally sorry for my "intrusion". matthew i did ready -your- whole blog. i know that you escaped him you may not see it and you might think it didn't happen but you escaped, and or got thrown off the list.

    he probably thought you weren't any fun because you showned no fear to him when you walked up and said hi. you did something alot of people don't have to balls to.

    and i just didnt wan't you to end up having something to do with fear i was looking out for you bro.