Friday, January 21, 2011

a little clarification

ok, i know this whole blog seems like a flurry of improbable events that all stem from being an attention whore.

And you know what? who cares what it is like. im not doing this for shits and giggles, or even for freaking the shit outta you.

im doing this a gauge of my sanity.

by keeping you updated and by updating myself on the goings ons of others, i keep my sanity.

speaking of sanity, i caught a glimpse of him earlier. at least... i think it was him... im not too sure... my neck hurts like a bitch... and WHY ITUNES?! i was trying to relax with this music, AND YOU PLAY FUCKING TREEFINGERS?! like im not already paranoid enough...

god damn it... im deleting that song...

Last thoughts: think i made a new friend... Ava, fight the good fight. Stay Sane.


Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  1. We all blog to keep records of our sanity in the hope that we help others.

    Itunes is a bitch, is it not?

    And yes, you've made a friend. I plan to, and wish you the best too.

  2. the sad thing is: i liked that song.... a week ago.....

    damn... i feel........ old... its only been a week? feels like a fucking eternity....