Friday, January 21, 2011

On the road

Last night...

was hell...

I gathered my stuff up and (despite what i said) left my sister a note. it said "I love you. I will be back. Stay Sane, Stay Alive." It was so hard to even put those words down on paper.

and then i stepped out the door. He was staring right there, not even a yard away.

I ran past him, but something hit me. I kept running and didn't stop until i was at the main road, even then i only slowed to look back. He wasn't there anymore. I kept moving, swiftly, but i couldnt run anymore. I ended up making it to my friend's house. I was about to knock on the door when i realized that He would probably bring hell to them if i did. So i slept on their roof. THAT was adventure. it had to be like... 20 degrees out. i dont have any blankets or anything like that.

when i woke up, i got down quickly and made my way toward a strip mall. I stocked up on some ready to eat food, paying with what money i had available. I bet i will have to steal eventually...

Why was it so easy to leave? I mean it wasnt a cake walk, but i expected myself to feel a little bit more... i dunno.. maybe some stronger emotion? but i just up and left.

anyway, im sitting in a starbucks right now, eating some chips. It feels safe here, but i know it isnt.

Put the operator symbol on my bag to be safer. im gonna draw it on my jacket too.

I think i will upload a pic soon. not now though.... leaving soon.

oh... the thing that hit me; apparently it was bladed or something, because when i got to my friend's roof, i felt the wound (it was at the base of my neck). i felt blood. Luckily it wasnt too deep.

final thoughts: i miss my family. I know im not too far from them, but the thought of going even farther....

well to say the least, it hurts.

feeling naucious, and im leaving now.

Till next time guys:

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

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