Saturday, January 29, 2011

today was BULLSHIT

no i didnt see him, but if i did, i would FUCKING KICK HIM IN HIS BALLS.

spent the night a friends house yesterday, had a nice time jamming for a while. felt normal the entire time. even with my now irrational fear of the dark, i slept pretty well.

next day another friend comes over, we have breakfast and what not. later that day we go pick someone else up.

and you know what i was planning with them?


so yeah, we went exploring in the forest. not very thick stuff round where i live... but hey, i didnt see him, so it was all good. got some video on my camera, a few pics, still havent looked through it all (same... with whatever was on the camera when i found it the other day...)...

we went out there, armed with these awesome pvc pipes wrapped in foam and electrical tape; aka practice swords that hurt like a bitch.

well long story short we ended up just fighting eachother with them once we got out of the woods. i walk away for TWO SECONDS to get my shit from where i dropped it, and they manage to break one of my swords. it pissed me off.... a lot... but i had to keep my cool somehow so i went on the lookout for Slenderfuck.

didnt see him, but i KNEW he was out there. i could practically HEAR him laughing at my rage. i walked back to my friends and said these exact words:

"i swear to god... if he fucking.... if i fucking see that fucker.. i am going to fucking punch him in the fucking face."

oh... they actually understood who i was talking about too... made the mistake of introducing them to it (before all this shit happened)... luckily, they dont believe it a bit.... so that should make them safe.....

anyway... i calmed down eventually and got home. read some stuff bout you guys and now im eating ice cream. i feel... pretty normal actually, despite the absolute RAGE i felt earlier...

thats something about me that hardly anyone knows... i have a knack for... raging harder than anyone i know... i never show it to people, but its there, right underneath me...

its built up a lot since all this started...


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