Friday, January 28, 2011


well my last one failed (finding out what was under that suit of his) so i have a new one:

If Slendy is made of plant cells, like so many have speculated/tested to be true, then maybe we should find a way to dehydrate him. Of course, this requires a way to find out how he draws water from his environment (if he does) and i, quite frankly, do not have the means to experiment with this. so if someone else has the ability and know how, i would REALLY like to see some data on this. :D please and thank you.

anyway, off to school now. weekend starts today. gonna hang with some friends. will post later about.............. yeah ill tell ya later so you dont freak out or anything.

STAY SANE, Stay Alive

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  1. read this I think you'll find it educational.