Thursday, January 27, 2011


As you may have read, i was moved back home unwillingly and i went to school, even more unwillingly.

Ava has told me (like.. just now) "School is a safe place, many people, he can't get you there. "

all i can say there is BULL. SHIT.

heres why:

i arrive at school. its a nice day. not too cold. go in the cafeteria and hang with some friends, dodging most of their questions. first few periods go by without a hitch.

then i go to the bathroom in third period. after finishing my business, i turn around and see the operator symbol on the back of the stall door. i ran my ass out of there. (and yes i didnt wash my hands. i was too afraid to care)

nothing else really happens.

lunch: me and a friend go to a nice little asian food place. we get our food, eat, and start to head out. on our way back to school (we walk) i looked down a street and saw tall dark and slender staring at me... or..... "staring"

i try not to freak out as we walk past the bastard but then i cant contain myself. why? because my fucking CAMERA is sitting on a fucking OPERATOR SYMBOL in the middle of the fucking SIDEWALK.

i stare at it for a few seconds then pick it up. i still havent gone through the pictures... im too afraid. but i will later...

so the rest of the day passes, i see a few more operator symbols and what not. but beyond that? nothing else. till the passing period of 6-7 periods. i only have 6 periods so i went to go get a ride from a friend. when i start toward our usual meet up place, i get a call from him saying that he cant take me home cuz of choir shit. i instead go to a computer lab and sit at my usual compy, checking the random blogs (cant comment though, seeing how i cant log in at school for stupid reasons). while im sitting there, someone else comes in and sits next to me. he/she (im thinking it was a girl though so i will refer to her as such) was hiding her face from me and slid me a note. she then quickly got up and walked away. didnt get to check if she was a guy or a girl (i do this by looking at the pants. its a very good way of differentiating) because i was staring at the note. it had a shit ton of random things on it, most of it indiscernible. but i did manage to pick out the phrases "he knows you", "you arent safe", and "eyes everywhere"

i got a feeling that my school is filled with proxies. what do you think?

so, alas, i must go brave those photos... wish me luck...

Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  1. you dont know the half of it, dude.

    i REALLY dont want to go anymore, but my parents will throw a fit and kill me if i dont. but then again, better them than Slendy right?

  2. Hmm.

    May be just me, but I'd get rid of the photos. Wipe the drive. You've seen other blogs, right, nothing good can come from looking at photos to do with him.

    This person, what are the chances they're not a student? I'm not sure about the structure of schools over there, but could they have walked in off the street, and just found you?

    Personally, what I've noticed from some of the blogs is that he doesn't strike to much in one area, it'd cause too much of a fuss. Depending on how large your high-school is, I highly doubt Slendy would have any Proxy/Hallowed/Agents/whatever there, so just try and feel safe in a familiar environment for once.

    Course, I'm just theorising here.

  3. Attention fellow Keepers and members of the Isabel Initiative! A theory has been published on how to Kill the Slenderman; you can find it here: Good luck to us all.