Thursday, February 3, 2011

dance my puppets

at the request of little cynthia, i shall no longer speak in that silly binary.

it is so nice to see you people do what you do best! squirm all you want. the answer will still be the same.

let us address some of the more.. annoying people around here.

m, it is so nice of you to not say anything. your absence makes my job easier. the hope you bring? its gone with you now.

scott, you will be dealt with soon.

reach, heh.

ava, you are nothing. give up!

robert, tick tock goes the clock. how much longer till we hit noon?

yggy, i see your concern, and i raise you two dead bodies.

noname, why would you ever think for a second that you can best me? hm? you clearly underestimate the shadows you tread in.

alas, the night is absolute when it should be bright and happy. these thoughts comfort me.

oh, and about your silly friend nooc...

hes too................. preoccupied with his mind right now


  1. If your the one responsible for taking will I'm going to find you and bash your little pathetic skull in.

  2. dearest bianca, i cant have taken him. im simply too far away, and much too busy laughing.

    though i do send my warmest regards to whoever took him. good job i say.

    good job.

  3. ...Whoever you are, I totally imagine you with a curly handle bar mustache, and perhaps stroking a white cat with an eye patch.

  4. I wish I could say something snappy but I can't.

    Leave NOOC alone.

  5. I pray for your soul, bastard.

  6. And why not mention me, the one who's going to kick some serious ass?

    Because you're a prick. -Liam.

  7. Liam, I've been looking for you.

    Look this is getting dangerous. You need to calm down and cooperate with the rest of the bloggers.

  8. yggy, its too late for that. and besides, i was not the one to start the game.

  9. pray all you want, kaiju. it will do you no good.

  10. the reason i didnt mention you, liam, is because i do not see you as a threat.

    but i might have to reassess that now.

  11. too little. i think more needs to happen.

  12. People are getting hurt. Don't you have any compassion?

    And if that isn't enough for you let me offer you this.

    You saw that list of what Liam's got.

    We will force you to stop if you don't comply.

  13. force me? how can you force someone you cannot find, let alone hurt?

  14. Listen you half breed . . .prick.

    Stop it. Now.

  15. stop what?

    i cannot stop that which i did not start!

    how many times must i say that?

  16. Terrorizing people.

    Hurting people. I didn't want this bet you tricked me into it. I don't want to hurt Tony's emotions.

  17. whats wrong with you? weren;t u normal?

  18. It's not him, it's someone else. Cyn's "brother"