Monday, February 7, 2011

well nothing really happened, except... weird thing with comments.

so this chick Deraviant has been leaving rather annoyingly anger-inducing comments on my "good fucking riddance" post. not much there, cept that her friend left a non-existant message at some point. Reynard this guy calls himself.

im staring at my email that is telling me he/she commented BUT I SEE NO COMMENT ON THE BLOG. it wasnt deleted either; it wouldve left something there that said "this comment deleted by user".

so whoever the hell you are Reynard, come out and explain yourself. i dont like people doing shit remotely close to what this appears to be; hacking.

it WOULD be nice to meet you as well, but I DONT SEE YOU HERE. and also, what kind of shit are you going through with all this? proxies? slendy? loss of sanity? WHAT?!

speaking of sanity, i will share some thing now.

back in California, where i was born and raised, i didnt have many friends. three at school and two at home. the two at home were sam and jody. they were some very nice girls of asian decent. we had lots of fun playing hide and seek for hours on end.

the three at school changed my whole fucking life. i have always been shy, but when i became friends with them, they brought out my hyperactive side. Saneil, cool indian dude who is my best friend of all time, Balint, awesome dude (think he was russian or something) who i never really got to know that well, and Alex, skinny white kid like me who had some mental issues that i didnt know about until a couple years ago.

my first pet was Sony. Sony was a cat with three legs. lost the fourth in barbed wire. he was grouchy and mean, but i loved him and he loved me.

in texas, i had two dogs. first to come was Oreo, a border collie that was probably abused as a puppy, as evidenced by deformed tail and ear. shes fat and a jerk and very protective of her family. Hershey was the second. he is hyper and excitable, often getting TOO excited, if you catch my drift. but he was just a ton of fun and i loved him a lot.

my dream job is to become a video game designer, drawing character concepts and level designs as well as developing plot and storyline for the games.

i can play the drums pretty well...

my dream for my life is to marry a lovely woman and raise one or two kids in a nice home with a siberian husky named geiger.



i have to go now... fucking tears...


  1. You're also from California? It's nice to meet another Golden State-er!

  2. nice! what part do you hail from?

    im from Fremont myself and i LOVED living up in those hills. texas is too.... flat....

  3. Oxnard, right on the elbow of the state. We're right above LA, and are one of the biggest exporters of strawberries in the world.

    :D When I was a kid, we always bought fireworks from Fremont every fourth of July! It was indeed a very pretty area.

  4. aw man... you still over there? because i think i should visit you some time if you are.

    i miss my home state D:

  5. I am, actually! I've just gone on the run, but I'm still in the home-area. If you do come to visit, there are two open houses in my neighborhood. One has been abandoned for years, and the other belonged to my grandfather who recently passed away. I'm sure I could talk my parents in to letting a friend stay there.

  6. lol, well seeing how it isnt exactly to just up and go to california, ill just have to remember that for later.

  7. So you're in Texas still? I live in Texas. I'm pretty close to the mexacan border.
    And hey pets are awsome. I love my dogs Charlie and Cookie. (my little sis named Cookie)