Wednesday, February 2, 2011

is it just me...

or are things seeming like they are about to hit the fan?

Ok lets see: Cathy going to her old school on a hunch. Ava and Reach both about to dive head first at the enemy. Frap... something happened there. Inky is in the hospital and something shady is going on around him (just a hunch on my part). Tony is hitchhiking (that can NOT be good). Sandra, Lya, and Matt are being attacked indirectly by both Slendy and whatever the hell ///It/// is. Over here, everything is getting too damn quiet. Top this all off with the sudden influx of new people and trolls who may or may not be proxies?

We, dear people of the stalked, have all the ingredients for some BAD shit.

i might just be paranoid as fuck though. (doubt it...)

Anyway, more personal news; havent spotted Slenderfuck in a while now, nor his minions. School is still out and i found out no school tomorrow either...

Which makes me wonder if Slendy has control of the weather... maybe he is keeping me away from school for a reason... i dunno... just paranoia again...

also, i think it might just be me... but my parents have... been too damn calm about this whole situation, you know me running away and then coming back not too much later covered in wounds. Yeah sure it was still all tears and yelling, but....................... it was as big of a deal as i thought it was going to be. Well, needless to say, it unnerves me that they havent done anything to truly punish me for this... something isnt right.

Alas, i require a drink of the juice type that is of the orange color and flavor.

Stay Sane, Stay Alive

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