Monday, February 14, 2011

Let it go on record

That Mr. Spender is not a reliable source.

That's right kiddos!

Our newest member cannot fulfill the task he was so diligent on making sure to "complete"

i told him to gather info about a murder i may or may not have committed and he comes up with some stuff that sounds pretty good.

then he offers info about a friend of mine that i grew up with

he claimed that this person was Alex Michem and lived in texas.

he ACTUALLY lives in California and his last name is Rawlings.

dont try to hid the facts Spender.

I have found you to be unreliable and just bad at lying. how did you expect to say im destroying my credibility when im the only one who actually KNOWS the guy? you cant pull this shit on me man.

im smarter than that

and i dont want ANYONE believing him about Alex.

because he is obviously wrong.

SECOND ISSUE HERE: dude, Id. get a life. just cuz i use The Id's Ego as my title, doesnt mean i stole it from you.

never heard of you till now.

besides, Id's Ego has different meaning than just Id.

Id is the impulsive third of the brain.

Ego is the part that stops the impulse and see that it is wrong.

Super Ego is the part that offers an alternative.

Thusly, The Id's Ego would be the morality center of an impulsive entity.



im out for now

might rage some more later.

The Id's Ego/The Mouse/The Philosopher/The Crazy Fuck

Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  1. davy, daaavy crockett, king of the wild frontier

  2. Well with a name like Spender so close to Slender

    Sp(honey)ender - p(honey)=Sender(with a message that hey, he doesn't think you're smart.) + T(errifying)=Slender.

    IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE, E-heheheheehehe. . .

    Or MAYBE I'm just losing it.

  3. And damn right, you're the Id's Ego if it's the morality center of this giant impulsive blob.

  4. @ Id. you get butt hurt so you try to sing at me?

    @yggy. your logic is truly dizzying.

  5. the fickle little man would like to request that the butt hurt troll stop trying to make the fickle little man feel bad to the point of anal bandaging the butt hurt troll.

    get off my page dude.

    you wont find what you want here.

    and im still wondering where you are, seeing how im still alive after using my supposedly unsafe pillow last night.

    you get cold feet?

  6. actually dude, you have the Ego and Superego's roles backwards.

    Id - I want!
    Superego - You can't have it!
    Ego - let me see what kind of compromise i can come up with...

    yeah, i'm a psychology student.