Friday, February 4, 2011

guys.... im back......

bruder, get the fuck off my account.

god im so sorry its just....

theyre dead................... theyre all fucking dead............................

and its all on my fucking hands......

bruder when i find you, i will rip your throat out....

i cant believe you are gone..... please... if you can somehow read this from where you are... im so sorry.... he will pay for what he did to you


  1. oooooh booooooring.

    bruder should make a blog for himself- i liked him! :c

  2. ...i dont care if you are just a possessed little girl....


  3. Cyn, he's a monster. Don't say that ever again.

  4. why shouldn't i say that? obviously most people think i am too- i know Mommy kinda thinks that as well. so why should i be nice to people who don't like me? c:

    he was actually nice to me nohewasnotwhat so i'm nice to him.

  5. Look I don't think you're a monster. And I'm sure a lot of other Bloggers would agree, but I just don't want you to go down the wrong road. Bruder isn't someone you should like Cyn.

    Then again, I can't tell you what to do.

  6. yggy, you see it too right? Cynthia is obviously breaking down mentally. that contradiction in there...

    cynthia.... i just want you to know that your 'brother' is going to go away forever. along with your 'daddy'

    say goodbye while you still can

  7. I can see it. I guess Cyn's trying to fight...

  8. no one is going away ever again. no one is leaving me and i'll never be alone because He promised me. i'm fine you don't know what you're talking about everything is fine

  9. well, Cynthia, if you think that, then explain the perfect trap i have for your 'brother'!

    i will know where he is soon enough. dont you worry about that...

    his blood will redden my hands as i reach for the handle of the next door!!!


  10. Actually everything's not fine

    I'm really really hot.

    Anyway, Cynthia, I don't get why you like Slender and Bruder so much. No offense but they're kind of like. . .jerks.

  11. noooooc, maybe you will maybe you won't. i'll be unhappy if you do, but i'll still have Him, Uncle and Mommy.

    i'm sorry that it's so hot where you are, yggy. :c it's never fun to get overheated.
    they were there for me when no one else was, why shouldn't i like them? especially Him. He said He's been looking for me for a long time.

  12. How long? A year or two?

    I don't think he loves you Cynthia. I don't even think he likes you. I think he just wanted to mold you into what he didn't have. A version of Sandra that wanted him around.

    You're not his daughter Cynthia. You know that. You don't love him. You don't want to be around him. He's a sick murdering abomination.

    You and him share no mutual feelings, save for dislike. You KNOW this. You can feel it deep down and you're letting out Subconsciously. That's why you didn't backspace those words.

    You don't want to live with him Cyn. You want your mom, he's messing with you.

  13. sandra, who's sandra- i don't like her whoever she is she should just die because that's not true He loves me He said so and He loves Mommy sososososo much do you know how long He's been waiting for Her? hehehehehehe it's been years YEARS before She was born and He's been waiting for me too He said so He just couldn't get to me because Mommy messed up and dad ihateyoudad didn't follow the rules and you're just STUPID because you. don't. know. anything.

    no one knows the full picture except for me and Him. you think you know what you're talking about. you don't know anything. nothingnothingnothing

  14. Oh no no no. I know the full picture.

    He doesn't love mommy. He scares kids, that's what he DOES Cynthia. Sure I may be stupid. But I'm right aren't I Mr.Slender?

    If you love her so much then why don't you trust her? Love and trust go hand in hand, trust isn't hovering over your "daughter" to make sure they post what they're supposed to post.

  15. Oh you don't know Sandra?

    She's slendy's pride and joy. He'd lay down his life for the girl, is he still watching? Ask him. Don't believe me? Well if Sandra needs to die so much then why don't you try and get the job done yourself? See how fast 'daddy' turns ugly.

    He sung her happy birthday. He took out one of his own revenants for her. Mhmm. No one can touch her and survive. I bet he wouldn't do the same if someone touched you.

    Ask him, he'll tell you.

  16. yggy tells the truth, you know.

    i dont think ive ever heard of Sandra being threatened, mostly because she has an eldritch abomination as a guardian.

    and and btw... stay tuned for my next post. should be soon