Sunday, February 6, 2011

too damn tired to care

i was gonna have big long epic post. but im fucking tired.

so here it is: what happened last night

i left my roof and walked toward slendy. i didnt show any emotion and didnt carry any weapons. fuck, i even smiled at him. he tilted his head in that magical way.

"Hey there, dude" (yeah i called him dude)

he just stared at me. looked confused really. i laughed at him. he tilted his head the other way and i heard... a voice in my head, smooth and melodic.

"why arent you afraid of me?"

ok yeah, that scared the shit out of me.

"because i have nothing left to lose."


"Because i lost my entire family and everyone i ever knew. hell, the people i know on the internet are barely helping" (sorry guys, thats just what i told him... i... might have meant it at the time... but i... fuck it...)

"are you alone then?"

"Guess so"

"would you like to be in my family?"

i scoffed and turned away. he started saying things in my head, about how great it would be and all that shit. i walked away calmly, back to the malicious eldritch abomination.

called back to him as i walked away

"See ya later, slendy"

i dont know who is confused more; me or him.

also; why didnt he kill me? maybe to keep teh Tulpa effect? or possibly to try to make me a proxy? i dunno...

might have hallucinated the entire thing....

will post more things to keep me sane tomorrow...


  1. Cudos to walking away. Maybe he didn't kill you because he wan't you to be in his family. He needs someone strong like you for whatever shit he does. But your way better than that. Keep sane Matthew.
    Oh and what's a proxy? Not the first time I hear this term here, but for once contex clues are drasticly failing me.
    Never heard of Tulpa effect. Feeling really lost... @_@

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn dude.

  3. He just can't wait to try and persuade people into joining him can he?

  4. @ shane. proxy is a minion of slendy. got a couple different degrees of how under control they can be. hollowed are completely His. and revenants have some free will. the tulpa effect is where something exists because enough people believed it did.

    @kaiju. damn dude is correct.

    @Yggy. no he cant. that smarmy bastard