Sunday, February 13, 2011

fuck... i lied

well, after raging at a few things, i read something very heart warming and i just cant fucking resist posting something now... yeah im a fucking romantic, get over it...

Love is awesome. go find some, and keep it close

OK CLICHE SHIT IS OVER, lets put a very NOOCy spin on it! :D

love is not going "AROWEGIHAROGH OH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AOIBHAOHB" its doing the small things for other people. HELL you dont even have to LIKE a person to love em.

you think i LIKE my sister? NO. but i love her! so im gonna stick around when her life goes pthbthb.

alright, now that i got that out of the way, lets talk about... hmmmmm.. ME





heyo everyone, names Matthew, been single for almost about half a year now, and i gotta say, its pretty nice. you know, all those desperate people out there scrambling for boyfriends and girlfriends are kinda... you know.. annoying.

when you honestly believe you think you need someone else to be beside you at all times like that, you have got some SERIOUS mental issues and should probably go talk to someone who isnt me, because ill end up yelling at you.

that being said, i have a personal philosophy:

"Tis better to have love, and be mistaken, than to be mistaken and actually love"

yup, thats right. i said that its better to confuse yourself into thinking you "love" someone (in the societal use of the word) than to actually have truly intimate feelings for someone and not recognize them.


yeah yeah yeah, shut the fuck up. you think i give a damn? ive been in so many different frames of mind that these are both easily accepted truths in my mind, despite their contradictory nature.

so to hell with what i say


as long as youre happy and i dont have a knife in me, WE ARE ALL GOOD!

and now for a a short list of shout-outs

Tony and Cathy: yes, tony i know you said to butt the hell out of your business, but right now, i couldnt care less. im not gonna lecture you about being better as a married couple because FRANKLY i dont know a goddamn thing about it. in fact you should lecture ME about it. but more to the point: both of you are amazing people and i love your commitment to your goals.

Inky: i believe its been said many times, many ways MEEEEEEEEEEEERRY CHRISTMAS wait hold on... this is valentines day GET IT TOGETHER MATTHEW! anyway sorry about that. uh lesse you are a awesome guy, pretty damn sweet as far as i can tell too. youre starting to look a WEE bit paranoid, but thats ok; i like that in a man. hope you find someone who will make you happy and that you can make happy.

Ava: ......................................................................... i seriously thought i had something to say here, but as soon as i typed your name, i blanked.... so let it be known that youre doing awesomely in stuff and you should do other stuff with blahblahblahhavesomevalentinesdayclichesblah

uh... who is next....


Mr. Spender: though your convenient appearance and subsequent................ information gathering has left me slightly rattled, i believe that you are one of the good guys. doesnt mean i trust you one bit, just means i no longer think you are going to outright stab us in the back. so you best not be lying about this info you are bringing me.

gah... i cant think of anyone else...


hold on...


Slenderman: Happy Valentines Day, my tall friend. I hope that your day will be filled with much merriment and love. If I could, I would gladly give you a hug right now and talk to you about whatever you wanted to discuss. In fact, let's set a date! How about, this friday! We can talk all you want! I'll be seeing you then.

and that is all for now guys...


The Id's Ego/The Mouse/The Philosopher of Mentality/The Crazy Fucker

Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  1. Heh, if Tall, Dark, and Skinny shows up, tell Him hi for me, kay? Have to be polite.

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  3. You have a very short list of people on there, and I'm on it.

    <3 dude, <3

    Fuck Valentines Day anyway, it's overrated and over-commercialised.

    And though we may disagree, it'd be nice to actually have someone...*sigh*

  4. Do forgive the deleted post, I made it hastily on my exit out the door and didn't post what you asked for.

    The following is an excerpt from the Sheriff's department near Plano, Texas.

    Case Number: TXSO-4356-D-P

    Incident: Vandalism, Assault, Kidnapping

    Reporting Officer: Sheriff Joe Parks
    Date of Report: 05 January 2010

    At 1235 hours on the date of January 2nd, 2010 the residence of one Mr. and Mrs. Michem was entered via a kitchen door by a lone assailant (Identified at this time as Ex-Army Private Terry Hatcher) by means of forcing the lock. All three residents of the household were asleep at the time of the entry and report hearing nothing unusual until roughly 1238 hours, when Mr. Michem reported awaking to his son, Alex Michem, screaming for someone to 'get off of him'. At this time Mr. Michem arose from his bed and located a firearm kept in a bedside nightstand and rushed to his son's aide. On his entry to the room, he was knocked unconscious by the assailant via the manner of blunt force trauma with a large lamp to the temple.

    Officers were summoned by a neighbor at 1252 hours, citing Mrs. Michem screaming loudly. Upon entry into the residence, Officers found no signs of disturbance on the first floor of the home except for the open kitchen door. Moving onto the second floor of the house, Officer Johnson found Mr. Michem in the bedroom hallway unconscious but stable, suffering from trivial blood loss due to small cuts on his face consistent with being assaulted with a frangible object (Ceramic lamp).

    Proceeding down the hallway, Officers identified Mrs. Michem on the bedroom floor of her and her husband's room, unconscious and stable. Method of incapacitation was deemed on site and has been confirmed to be manual asphyxiation leading to a blackout. Upon ascertaining the condition of both residents, Officers called for assistance and Paramedics.

    Investigation revealed that nothing of value from the house was missing and nothing had been changed, save for a graffiti-like symbol drawn on the ceiling of Alex Michem's bedroom in what has been identified as common black marker. (Symbol is believed to be a gang sign or territory marker, but no investigator at this time has been able to find an active or known gang that uses this symbol)

    Alex Michem was not found at the residence and is missing as of current writing. Damage to the bedroom is atypical of two men struggling and a set of drag marks (Consistent with a 154 pound male of average build being drug by an individual) lead from the kitchen door of the residence into a nearby wooded area. Also missing is Mr. Michem's registered Beretta 9mm handgun, which we believe was stolen by the assailant.

  5. @Shelby ill make sure to do that. ill ask what he thinks of you as well.....if i remember...

    @inky, i never said it wouldnt be nice to have someone. hell, im a hypocrite because i still want someone too, but i just accept the fact that i dont NEED someone.

    and yeah, fuck valentines day to the pits of hell

    @Spender, your information is... not helpful. all i see here is a kidnapping case with a minor parallelism with the slenderman mythos. this alex, i do not know.

    where was that info about my three friends, huh?

    you're losing credibility here.

    @Kaiju, right back at you man

  6. This Alex Mitchem...did he have autism? Downs Syndrome? I do apologize if I'm sounding insensitive ere, but it IS important. Get back to us as soon as you can Spender.

    Oh, and I do hope you have managed to make time for poor Liam. He's getting worse, you know...

  7. I've already been and gone, you should know that. Don't play coy, Mr Meteorologist.

    As for that, yes. He had mental issues. They're medical files, not in the police report, so to get the exact type I would have to drudge up my source again, which he would find dreadfully inconvenient.

    As for you, NOOC. You yourself mention your friend Alex with your own words several posts ago. He was one of the few close to you. If this is destroying anyone's credibility, it's yours. The man who 'kidnapped' him is the same man you asked me to investigate, the same Army retiree who had his throat crushed to powder.

    I'll refrain from offering my services until you sort out your own memory.

  8. Spender, your source is giving you bad info.

    Alex Rawlings is the name of my friend and he lives in California.

    i can call him after a short call to another friend.

    you have failed to prove yourself to me and your credibility is in shambles.

    good day to you sir.




  10. dearest id,

    it is cute that you think that your name actually matters. just because i put two little letters together, you flip shit. what is the purpose?

    you can still keep going as Id, but i will not relinquish my title as The Id's Ego. maybe you should look into WHY i have the moniker before you blow up.

    you cannot claim that i stole it either, seeing how i have not ONCE seen you anywhere in the blogoshpere. so i guess i should be saying, welcome to the slenderblogs!

    i hope you enjoy your stay and dont step on anyone's toes while here.

    now then, im gonna go back to my life and stop giving a fuck about a troll with his dick in a knot.

    The Id's Ego/The Mouse/The Philosopher/The Crazy Fuck.

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  12. you are over reacting.

    its just a name.

    calm down.

    also, if you DO try to find me, good luck. the border collie bites.

    so do i.