Saturday, February 12, 2011

first clue to the truth

well..................... i seem to have hallucinated my return home and subsequent murder of my parents.

it never happened.

how do i know?

because they are outside my room right now, trying to get me to talk to them.

yup. thats right kiddies. Ol' Matthew went home for REAL. and im not running ever again. EVER. im gonna stand and fight this shit.

i dont know what slendy was trying to accomplish with the hallucinations and the Labyrinth, but it sure as hell made my resolve more solid than anything else. seriously though guys. after i get caught up with other shit, im going to return to my normal life.

so, here's the big deal:

i may never post again here.

if nothing happens after this, ill just fade away and leave you guys to your stuff.

yeah, ill still keep up with you guys and yell at you all for doing stupid things, but HEY! im out of the woods for now, and i wanna enjoy it.

can you really blame me either?

*sigh* it really is nice to be home... even if i got a shitload of things to do... know...

just on a random thought................

i really do wanna meet a lot of you people...

like Ava, Tony, Cathy, Inky basically anyone who i became friends with when i was in the labyrinth.

so if you want to meet up some time, any of you guys, just drop me a message and i will see what i can cook up.

man... so tired...

anyway, i love all you guys so much, even if the context is now very obscure seeing how i hallucinated a lot of shit, so you guys dont really know what has REALLY been going on...

but then again, neither do i!

but yeah, if nothing tall dark and malicious happens to me ever again, this might as well be my last ever post.

unless i find something equally important to talk about.

The Mouse who Got the Cheese

for what may be the last time, i command you all to:

Stay Sane, Stay Alive


  1. I hope for your sake you don't have to deal with this again.

  2. I hope for everyone's sake that i dont have to deal with this ever.

  3. Oh how truly wonderful. It is nice, so very nice to see you are doing better, far better than having to wait for another life to roll around to connect with you again. Luck to you, in whatever comes your way, NOOC. Whether it's good or bad is your choice.

  4. ... you know... if i was still hallucinating, id probably be all pissy at you... but now that im home, surrounded by warmth and happiness, i can finally say, its good to meet you...

    even IF your writing makes you sound like an pompous ass hole...

  5. Such a nicer tone this time around, yes it is good to meet and slowly know you as well. I hope the hallucinations stay away, or perhaps if they return, as something more enjoyable like mailboxes becoming giraffes and small things running to become the dust in your window.

    I'd apologize for how I seem, but at the time such would be a lie. For now, I enjoy I, am happy as I am.